Blessings: A Victorious Song of Aspirations in Alex D Figo’s English Poem Book

In sacred memory of the great
artist of the acting world,
– Irfan Khan…….

Blessings is mainly A victorious song of the singers,
The birds Of countries to countries
On the aspirations of light A chirping of the flock
To rise in the horizons of earth.
There are hymns and buzzing of light
For the presence of the darkest night
And there emerges Woos of sunlight
As in turn The prosperity The revolt
And the revolution.


Dive into Alex D Figo’s English poem book “Blessings” and experience a symphony of hymns, buzzing of light, and chirping birds that inspire the rise of aspirations. Follow the journey of the flock as they sing a victorious song of prosperity, revolt, and revolution that emerges from the darkest night. A must-read for poetry enthusiasts and fans of Assamese literature.

From Shakespeare/1Sankardeva/13Chu-Ka-Fa/16Lachit Barphukan/18
Che Guevara/20Ashoka the Great/21Mahatma Gandhi/22
Albert Einstein/24 Albair Kamu/26Semual Christian Fraderic Haniman/29
Van Gogh/31Love’s Tragic End – Marilin Monroe/34Micheal Jackson/37Pele/40Diego Maradona/42
Sachin Tendulkar/44Bezbaruah Dev/46Sangeet Saraswati – Lata Mangeskar/48
Kishor Kumar – A Melodeous strain/50Amitabh Bachchan the Sahenshah on the Celuloid/52
Rajani alias Rajanikant/54Aideu Handique/56Jyoti Prasad Agarwala/58Art Guru Vishnu Prasad Rabha/60
Eucalyptus- Dr. Bhupen Hazarika/62The master of tone- Jayanta Hazarika alias Ranada/64Malala/67
Victory Song of Patriotism –Jaymati Kuwori/69My dear Anne Frank/71Martyre of 42 – Kanaklata/73
Arjun Bhogeswar Baruah/75Pratima Pande Baruah/77An unseen hand of God – Hiruda/79Tapan Das/82The Great Hero Achyut Lahkar/84Ridip Dutta – In Musical Assembly/86J.K. Patra- A God Gift/88Ratan Lahkar/91 Jubin/93
Rima Das – A great revolution/95Tarali – The ABC of essence/96Hima Das/98


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The works and fame theirs
Ours in blood to love and embrace
And in blood flows the stream
Of love age to age, era to era …..
Humans and humanity
Love the sense of nationality
Culture and civility ….