Love And Street

Translator’s view

Prominent scholars admit that it is a difficult job to graspe and realize the theme and the wings of speculation of a poet as well as a thinker or reformer- the destined Ram Rajya of Bapu and to express them in other language. I too, could not graspe the thoughts and ideals that the inborn poet Alex D Figo played with, nor I could translate them properly due to his soaring and compassionate approach to feel the raw instincts and volitions, pathetic cries and pedantic hardness, dominance of property and pelf-all materialistic; the keenness of adoring beauty, truthfulness and the like. Figo tries to test and measure the feelings of the compatriots- the co-existing human hearts and to justify the norms which create a rift between the victims and victorious, the rich and the poor, the fortunate or gifted and the bereaved as well where situations play the central role above the command of laws and traditions as well as human culture. That very aspect of divergent decorum has made the job a difficult one for a translator. Yet I tried my best but in vain, I know.
Respected readers will decide and justify all. Thanks Figo to approach the hearts of milions.

Dr. Bhabesh Patgiri


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As we got further and further away, it diminished in size. Finally it shrank to the size of a marble, the most beautiful you can imagine.